College Motto & Crest

The OLMC motto, Sub Tuum Praesidium, is Latin for ‘under your protection’: it is the beginning of an ancient prayer of the Church which acknowledges Mary, the Mother of God and our Universal Mother, as our protector and intercessor. This motto reminds all members of the OLMC community that our patron, Mary, our Mother of Mercy, cares for us and models for us the love of our merciful God.

Under your protection, we take refuge,
O Holy Mary Mother of God,
Despise not our prayers in our necessities,
But deliver us from all dangers,
O ever glorious and blessed Virgin.

The Mercy Cross in the College crest signifies our uniting ourselves with Christ who died on the Cross for us, that we ourselves are united in his death and resurrection. The Mercy Cross has no figure on it as signifies that we are placing ourselves on the Cross with Christ.

The Seven Bars in the College crest represent the seven spiritual and corporal works of mercy. The four red bars are taken from the flag of King James of Aragon, while the three green bars represent three extra vows to serve the poor, sick and ignorant, taken by all the Sisters of Mercy. These seven bars also signify the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.