Head Girls' Welcome

As  Head Girls for 2018/19, we feel honoured and grateful to be given the opportunity to welcome you to the OLMC community. As we move into our 130th year, the College’s inclusive and empowering environment continues to flourish, constantly strengthening our Mercy culture.

OLMC provides young women with the confidence to be fully themselves and the ability to make a difference in the wider community. Students are given opportunities to perform to the best of their ability in a diverse range of activities. OLMC’s holistic approach to learning is evident in the high standards seen across the academic, sporting, cultural and creative aspects of the College. A variety of co-curricular activities are offered to girls across all grades, ensuring there is something available for every student to step out of their comfort zone. These opportunities allow students to develop their individual gifts and talents in an inclusive environment where they are able to build strong relationships.

The rich Mercy spirit that is profoundly seen within the OLMC community forever dwells in the hearts of all students. Over the College’s 130 year history, the foundation of a vibrant and supportive culture was established and this continues to be fostered.

Our College’s vision is to provide a contemporary Mercy Education that empowers young women to lead with courage and act justly, making a difference in whatever sphere of life they choose to move, in the spirit of Venerable Catherine McAuley. The words of the Alma Mater, “the College of our hearts always,” truly expresses why being a Mercy Girl is so special. The sisterly bond that is shared amongst students is so unique and underpins why we love being Mercy Girls.

Our eight Mercy Values are heavily incorporated into all activities and initiatives. The core of everything we do as individuals and as a community lies in the values of Compassion, Justice, Excellence, Stewardship, Mercy, Hospitality and Service. From our very first days at the College, we are taught these values and how we can use them as a compass in our lives, the way Catherine McAuley did. Through the opportunities offered at the College, we have the ability to make a difference whether it be on a local, national or even global scale – making Mercy a verb!

The focus value for the College in 2019 is Service. Service is action which places others before ourselves. At OLMC, we are offered many opportunities to act on this value and spread kindness through serving others. The notion of Servant Leadership is widely encouraged. 

2019 is going to be a very exciting year as we reflect on our incredible history and the stories that reveal who we are and what we stand for today.

Each year, the Senior Student Leadership Team creates a theme for the year to be incorporated into daily College life. In light of our 130th year anniversary, our chosen theme is “Be the unseen hero in 1-3-0.” The idea that heroes all have unique powers resonates in the hearts of every student at OLMC as we all have our own individual gifts and talents that contribute to our wonderful community. The hero being UNSEEN highlights how we must serve others without wanting or asking for recognition. Not every hero has the same the power. We encourage every Mercy Girl to step outside her comfort zone and to do the ordinary things well, such as being kind and compassionate both inside and beyond our College gates, in ways that use her own unique gifts and talents.

Sophie Brown (Head Girl) and Sydrael Fajardo (Assistant Head Girl)