Location and access to the College

Located on the leafy fringe of Parramatta’s vibrant CBD, OLMC provides students with access to all the arts, culture and other learning facilities of a major Western Sydney CBD.

Students at the College benefit from venues such as Riverside Theatre and Parramatta Stadium, as well as impressive natural features such as Parramatta Park, Prince Alfred Park, and the historic Parramatta River.

The College is a keystone of Parramatta’s Catholic precinct: it is a foundational building in this important historic and religious precinct.

The central location and proximity to the Parramatta interchange (approximately 15 minutes’ walk) means students can comfortably travel to and from the College using public transport from throughout western, north western and south western Sydney. Most students use train or bus to travel to and from the College.

From the Parramatta transport hub, students have 2 bus options:

Parents are advised to contact the bus company in their area or visit www.131500.com.au to plan their daughter’s travel route.

If you have any questions regarding travel to and from the College, including completing Opal Application form, please do not hesitate to contact the Barbara McDonough Student Centre on 9683 3300 for assistance.

1 Busways Blacktown
Busways Penrith
Busways Mulgrave
9625 8900
4721 8871
4574 9200

2 Interline Buses
9605 1811
9607 0004
3 Transit Systems 8778 5830 www.transitsystems.com.au/sydney
4 Hillsbus 8889 7000 www.cdcbus.com.au
5 Punchbowl Buses 9153 8787 www.punchbowlbus.com.au
7 Sydney Buses
(Western Region)
131 500 www.sydneybuses.info
12 Transdev 8700 0555 www.transdevnsw.com.au 
13 Transdev 8700 0555 www.transdevnsw.com.au