Our Teachers and Other Staff

OLMC is blessed to have a winning combination of qualified and passionate teachers who are supported by a dedicated team of support staff.

The College places significant emphasis on attracting and retaining high quality staff in order to maintain a professional and experienced teaching body who incorporate contemporary practice in teaching & learning.

Non-teaching staff assist teachers in the classroom and provide business and administrative support. This group includes assistants in areas of TAS, Visual Arts, Music and Science, Counsellors, Learning Enrichment staff and library support staff.

Together, this talented staff body has consistently, over the years, developed OLMC students into intelligent, successful, confident and compassionate young Mercy women.

Professional Development

Best practice at OLMC is promoted through a program of professional development. Time for staff professional development is scheduled into the calendar as the College is committed to creating a vibrant and highly competent staff body. Staff members are also encouraged to seek out individual opportunities that are relevant to their particular areas of expertise.

Staff attend courses run by a variety of external providers including the Association of Independent Schools, Catholic Commission for Employment Relations, subject based associations and also take on active membership of networking groups.