Transforming Towards 2020: Strategic Improvement Plan 2018 - 2020

The OLMC Strategic Improvement Plan ‘Transforming Towards 2020’  provides us with a transformative framework to guide our direction over the coming years and to continue building OLMC Parramatta as a school of excellence.

This Strategic Improvement Plan continues on from the previous three year improvement plan. This new plan affirms our commitment to further developing OLMC as an outstanding Catholic secondary school for girls and includes our Vision, Mercy Values, and practices. It focuses on transforming the students’ learning and wellbeing experiences at College, and ensuring that our professional and personal competencies are strategically enhanced so that all students and staff can “expand beyond what we know we can be.

Excellence is a consistent theme in the tradition of a Mercy education and this plan continues and strengthens that commitment. Students are encouraged to commit to excellence and learning growth whilst being supported in developing their unique gifts and talents and the skills needed for lifelong learning and achieving their potential.

The College continues to empower students to be alert to the values underlying our social systems so as young women, they are prepared to challenge those structures where necessary and make a significant and positive difference. As well as participating in a large range of co-curricular activities, OLMC girls are encouraged to contribute beyond the classroom, through Mercy formation and engagement projects, which broaden their experiences and achievements and enhance their sense of self-worth and service to others.

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